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Building, Rescuing and Growing Companies

- Turning brainstorms into companies

- The discipline and details of the start-up

- Crisis management: rescuing a company in trouble

- Structuring and managing the Board of Directors

- Restoring profit to the company


Human Resource Challenges

- Structuring and hiring superior management

- Solving business and creative differences among employees

- Cultivating leadship instincts within the company

- Addiction in the workplace

- Handling the public relations crisis

- Nurturing loyalty among employees


Professional and Personal Growth

- Learning to exceed your expectations

- Strategies for selling your ideas, plans, and product

- Creating strong brand identity

- Maximizing the corporate impact of marketing

- Embracing new technology in a digital future


Media, Hollywood and the Global Information Revolution

- Running a worldwide studio- Comedy in film

- Appealing to the global imagination

- Music and its impact on our lives

- Digital media shaping our future

- Producing Broadway hits


Inside the Making Of:

   This series focuses on the true drama, business dynamics, inspiration, luck, and surprises of      

    Hollywood blockbuster films. Some of these include:

Smokey & the Bandit


Animal House


Deer Hunter

The Blues Brothers

Bull Durham


Up Close and Personal:

   This series focuses on the excitement, risks, humor and drama of intimate professional    

   relationships Mr. Mount developed. Some of these people include:


Lew Wasserman

Roman Polanski

Alfred Hitchcock

Richard Pryor

Paul Newman

Sydney Lumet

Robert Redford

Willie Nelson

Mr. Mount uses film clips and visual media to illustrate and entertain when speaking. Following are suggested topics reflecting his breadth of detailed, first hand expertise; proposed subject matter is listed. All may be modified so that each event has a unique, fresh, stand-alone speech that is challenging, enlightening, inspiring, memorable and consistent with the messaging needs of your organization.

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